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prices & specifications


| prices & specifications |

| base pricing

5 x 7 or smaller - $175
8 x 10 - $260
9 x 12 - $290
11 x 14 - $360
12 x 16 - $390

14 x 18 - $430
16 x 20 - $520
18 x 24 - $580
20 x 24 - $620


| specifications

All prices are based on a single, shoulder view, graphite portrait.

Double the base prices listed for portraits of two subjects per size.

Portraits involving more than two subjects per size are priced at the doubled base price plus $175 per each additional subject. This applies only to sizes up to and including 14 x 18.

Portraits involving more than two but no more than six subjects and are 16 x 20 or larger in size are priced at the doubled base price per size plus $260 per each additional subject.

Sizes not listed above are available only by request.

All prices include sales tax. Shipping costs vary according to size and weight of the finished piece and will be included with the final cost.

All portraits are rendered on cold press illustration board or acid-free Lanaquarelle or other high-grade paper available. Each piece is preserved with a non-yellowing fixative to prevent smearing and damage from sunlight.

Structures, certain animals, still life and other subject matter are priced differently than noted above according to difficulty and subject. Please contact the artist for pricing.

Enhancements to portraits and other drawings such as calligraphy or line graphics are available at an additional fee.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices may differ from those listed above depending on individual job specifications and artist's discretion. An e-mail or telephone consultation is required for special job requests not outlined above or sizes not listed above.

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