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| calligraphy (click to view examples)

In addition to portraits and other drawings, I can be commissioned for calligraphy projects either alone or combined with a drawing. Some more common requests include certificates, sentimental poems, greeting cards, wedding invitations and brochures.

Calligraphy is priced per job for larger projects, per line for items such as invitations and certificates. I most commonly use Italic or Script styles, however, any lettering style you choose can be recreated. Color inks are available by request and at an additional fee of $5 per job.


| graphic & web design (click to view examples)

Graphic design is a passion I greatly enjoy due to its versatility and tendency to lend itself to creativity with function. Graphic jobs include ad design, logo design, letterhead, brochures, invitations and postcards, however, anything you can imagine is possible and welcomed.

Graphic design projects are priced from $20 per hour based on job size and work detail involved. Smaller projects such as those listed above are computer generated unless otherwise requested. Larger jobs such as posters and banners are created by hand with the aid of a computer for layout purposes.

Web design is a relatively new field which I have been involved in for awhile. I have been building web sites for over two years and am always eager to do more. I build basic sites without the use of media programs such as Flash or Shockwave. Although these programs are visually entertaining, my experience has found that they involve constant maintenance and add complexity with no real value to a web site.

Please contact me with questions or requests regarding any of the above services. If you have a project idea not listed, feel free to submit your ideas for evaluation. I dabble in many art and craft fields, so nothing is out of the question.

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