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ordering & purchasing


| ordering & purchasing |

| prints:

Prints of artwork (excluding tiles and commissioned pieces) are available for purchase. Prices vary according to piece desired. Please contact the artist for print purchasing information.

| custom portraits/other services:

If you choose to commission the artist's services, please email a general overview of your request. Include a brief description of your order including size, number of subjects, age of subject(s) and time sensitivity issues if any. If possible include a "jpeg" attachment of the photograph for visual reference. Once your email is received and reviewed, you will receive confirmation within 24 hours.

**Please read guidelines that follow for choosing a photograph**

All orders must be confirmed by completing an order form. This helps eliminate miscommunication and provides an official record of the transaction. Click the following link to download the order form PDF, print out, complete and mail with initial payment and photograph(s). If payment will be electronic, please note on the order form and include a confirmation receipt.


50% of portrait price due in advance, remaining 50% plus shipping due upon completion and approval.

When your drawing is completed, you will be contacted via email. An attached image file will be included for you to view the finished work. Please respond with your approval or any suggested improvements promptly. You must be 100% satisfied.

Once approved you will receive an email with any remaining amount due including shipping. If you choose the PayPal option of payment, a link will be included where payment in full can be made. Other payment methods must be sent via USPS or carrier. Once payment in full is received, your work will be insured and shipped the next business day.

| payment methods accepted:

  1. Personal check
  2. Money order/Cashier's check
  3. PayPal
Allow at least 5-7 weeks for completion and shipment of works and drawings. Payments made by personal check, add 10 days for bank clearance. All jobs are completed on a first come, first served basis.

guidelines for choosing a photograph:
  1. Select a clear photograph that is at least 3" x 5" in size.
  2. Make sure the image is in focus and is large enough to show the best detail possible. No fog filters.
  3. Choose studio photographs or those taken in natural light.
  4. If taking your own photograph, early morning or late afternoon sunlight is best. A cloudy day is ideal.
  5. Do not take photographs in direct sunlight. This will create high contrast images that destroy the natural shadow...my personal nightmare.
Remember, I draw exactly what I see and see only what you show me.

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