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If you would like to contact the artist for general information, estimates or for inquiries about services, please use any of the following resources:

Phone: 304.580.1382
Fax: 208.493.3264

General Contact: portraits@geibelimages.com
Secondary Contact: geibelimages@suddenlink.net
Payment Information: payment@geibelimages.com
Web Development: webmaster@geibelimages.com
Link Exchange Information: links@geibelimages.com

| Mailing Address :

Kimberly Geibel
Geibel Images
1627 Lee Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101

If mailing photos, please include name, address and phone number on the back of the photo(s) and an SASE for guaranteed return. Completed drawings will be shipped separately.


If you would like to link to the Geibel Images web site you may contact me at the email address above for more information or you may use any of the following banners or a comparable line link. Simply copy the image, place it on your web page and link it to www.geibelimages.com.

Once the link is in place on your web site, just let me know. Please provide the web address for the page on which my link appears for verification and I will gladly and promptly provide a reciprocal link to your web site on the "links and credits" page. Please use the following guidelines for your link information:

  1. All banners or images must be 468x60 pixels or less in size.
  2. Information provided about your web site must be no more than 200 characters in length. Those that are more will automatically be shortened before posted.
  3. Links must lead directly to the web site of the owner. No secondary promotion is permitted.
  4. No pornographic or lurid content is permitted. This does not apply to artists who work with nudes for artistic expression.

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